Handicap Bathroom Floor Plans

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When you have old people or disabled people living with you, it is recommended that you must build a handicap bathroom. Same as when you build an ordinary bathroom, you need handicap bathroom floor plans to start your project. To create the floor plans you should know some ADA requirements for handicap bathroom, so that your bathroom will be helpful for those people.

Bathroom for Handicapped

Bathroom for Handicapped

ADA Requirements for Handicap Bathroom Floor Plans

Doorways – Doorways must be at least 32 inches wide and swing out, not in. The threshold must be even with the floor to provide a smooth surface. Door handles should be easy to use, preferably lever-style.

Toilets – Handicap toilets must be 18 inches off the ground without the seat. The stall must provide horizontal grab bars behind the toilet and on the wall closest to the toilet.

Flooring and Turning Space – Flooring materials should be non-slip. Stalls must provide enough space for a wheelchair to turn in a circle and must be 60 inches in diameter. A smaller space is acceptable if it allows a three-point turn.

Sinks – Mount sinks at a height allowing knee room underneath for wheelchair access. Additional amenities must be accessible from a seated position.

Handicap Bathroom Blue Design Idea

Handicap Bathroom Blue Design Idea

Designing Handicap Bathroom Floor Plans

  1. Make a list of your needs and wants. Browse magazines and cut out pictures of items that you want to include in your handicap-accessible bathroom. Visit web sites that offer products for accessibility. Select items that you wish to use in your bathroom and print pictures of the items and any product information sheets.
  2. Create a binder to store your ideas and pictures. Use tabs to separate products such as shower, vanity, flooring, toilet and accessories. Insert pictures and product information sheets in the binder.
  3. Draw a floor plan of the bathroom on graph paper. Draw the placement of the tub or shower, toilet, sink and vanity. Keep a minimum clear floor space of 30 inches by 48 inches to accommodate a single wheelchair. A wheelchair will need a space of at least 60 inches in diameter to make a 360-degree turn. Allow plenty of clear space to maneuver a wheelchair freely in the bathroom.
  4. Plan a space for the door that is least 32 inches wide, but preferably 36 inches wide. Choose a pocket door to allow more space in the bathroom.
  5. Design the bathroom sink with space underneath to allow a wheelchair to roll under it. Leave between 30 inches and 34 inches of clear space under the sink. Use faucets that have lever handles. Place the towel bars in “reaching distance” from a sitting position.
  6. Plan a walk-in tub or shower. Design a shower seat or allow room for a shower wheelchair to be used.
  7. Design the mirrors to tilt so that they can be seen from a sitting position.

Handicapped Bathroom Plans

Handicapped Bathroom Plans

Handicap bathroom floor plans are required to build a good and helpful handicapped bathroom.

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